Voila: New Blog

Voila! My new platform for writing. I already have tumblr but as you all know, tumblr is more suitable for upload and reblog pictures but Wordpress and Blogspot are two platform I know that people widely use to write.
I have a friend in secondary who is now a famous make up blogger. She has been able to earn money by her hobby. I hope it works for me too. But anyway, I don’t make this blog for money as main reason. I just love to write because writing recharges me. It fills my soul and gives me peace.
I remember when I first came to Bandung, I joined retreat in Lembang. On the last day, I asked the preacher to pray for me and I was so flabbergasted when he said that I will become an biography author one day. About two years after it, a friend of mine also said that I have to change my career path, by reading my hand lines. I don’t believe in horoscope. I believe that we decide our own future and I will only change my mind if He say so.
But yeah, I myself do really hope that one day, I will become a housewife and part time activist and writer. What happy life!
This is my diary of what I see and feel in daily life. I also share every life lesson I get.
Happy reading and I do hope some feedbacks. Thank you people. May the positive vibe always surrounds you.