A Talk in Taxi

I took a taxi with Corrine, a participant in AWE to reach airport. We had light conversation for that 60 minutes trip. She has just married in August so one moment I asked her.

"How's your life after being married? Are there many differences?"

"Not much. I like travelling and going to conference like this. He never restricts me. He said, 'if that makes you happy, just do it.' So yeah there is no any difference before I married. Once I asked him to go back and work in Brunei and he said yes so I worked there for about one year before went back to Singapore."

Then she added,
"He's like the best guy I've ever met."

Hearing something like that always makes me happy. Knowing that someone has finally met the man of her life makes me full of joy. I sincerely wished her a happy life and abundance in her marriage.

And so the taxi stopped at the airport and we separated. She went back to Singapore and I had flight to Bandung. But her expression when she talked about her husband remained in my mind until now.