Day 2: Exploring and Got Inspired

September 11th was the first day of the event, Asian Women Empowerment 2015 *screaming*

I started the day in the morning by going to Beringharjo market alone. I didn't see it as a fancy place. Maybe it's because I don't like shopping while travelling. Besides, the market usually opens at 9.00 am so at that time, only few stores had just opened. I moved as I walked with no direction. I just walked straight and surprisingly arrived in front of Vredeburg Museum. Once it was a fort used by colonial government before Indonesia got its freedom. Visiting the museum was like going to the past and Vredeburg Museum was my time machine.

I saw each diorama. There was a statue of Fatmawati from copper sewing Indonesia's first flag. Also some heros who sacrificed their life just so we could enjoy freedom by now. After exploring all parts of the museum (and asked few people to help me taking photo of myself), I went to Taman Pintar. It is a great place for children to study chemistry and physics in fun way. I bet m
ost children would love those scary subjects after visiting Taman Pintar. There is feet and hands prints of former president, BJ Habibie.

Fatmawati, wife of Founding Father, Soekarno 
Hands and feet prints of former President BJ Habibie
On my way home, I arrived at Malioboro street unintentionally. It is a must visit place for most tourists. There are many stalls which sell Batik clothes, bags, and shoes, key chains, and souvenirs. But if you don't like shopping a lot, you would probably love going to museum instead of Malioboro.

First session of AWE brought by Indonesian-looks-like-Japan young lady named Elizabeth Raisa Tanawi. Rice-people usually call her-introduced us to Couch Surfing. For you who never heard about Couch Surfing, it is a web that connects traveller and host. If you want to travel and explore historical places or hidden great restaurants, plus having low budget, Couch Surfing is there for you. Here are some tips for you who need a host or want to be a host:
For traveller
1. Read the host's reference(s) first. You should read what previous travellers have said about him/her. Be careful with those who haven't any references (those who are newbie are exception so if you want to be their first guest, then up to you)
2. Bring something as gift for them. It is how you say thank you as a substitute for staying.
For those who want to be host:
1. Upload photos of your home where the guest will stay. And upload photo of you as well. People will doubt to stay with the person whose face they never see.

Fill out why you're on Couch Surfing as good as you can. And also the other sections.
As an additional tip if you are female, I think you must think twice to stay in the male's place. It is nothing to do with ethics or something like that. Just make sure safety comes first. Follow your intuition.
Once after you sign up, don't forget to read about safety.

Sharmini Hensen talked in the second session about Women Empowerment. She brought the energy and spirit that afternoon, shown by her yellow pants and colorful earrings.
Unlike any other motivational seminars that I have attended before, Sharmini peeled deeper. She didn't only talk about forgiving and move forward.
I had met her one day before in our room (yes, we were roommate!). She told me she has gone through many problems and challenges in life. Her life has just begun... at the age of 45.
In the conference, she shared that the urge of becoming life coach came from depression she got after separated from her husband. Her husband raised the power inside her she never thought she had it. Now she empowers many women to be independent, just like her.
She reminded us that women could desire things the way that we want. Yes, we have the rights... to be selfish. Don't ever settle for less. We women deserve the best things in life. She preached us why it's ok to spend money going to salon for medicure or pedicure, having spa, shopping, and travelling! Yesss, Sharmini!
ps: the sentence in blue is my own conclusion after listened to her session.

The day ended by having dinner at Bu Ageng restaurant.
Photo Credit: AWE Organization