Edu Hostel: Review of My First Staying in Hostel

Staying in Edu Hostel was my first hostel experience. Edu Hostel is located at Jl. Let Jen Suprapto no. 17 Ngampilan, Yogyakarta 55261, Indonesia. How to get there?
1. From Adisucipto International Airport, use Trans Jogja Bus (it only costs you IDR 3600 and includes sight seeing of the city. I seriously recommend it!). First, go to bus shelter and take Trans Jogja Bus line 3A. Get off at Ngabean Station and walk 150 meters towards the traffic light intersection to the north.
Trans Jogja Bus operates from 05.30 am-09.30 pm.
If you prefer taxi, choose Rajawali Taxi because it is the official taxi. My friend had bad experience using non-official taxi because the driver asked IDR 100000 while usually it only costs IDR 70000 to reach Edu Hostel from the airport.

2. From Tugu Train Station, go to the southern gate exit out of the station and find local trishaw (becak). This approximately takes 10-15 minutes and will cost around IDR 20000-25000.

It was at around 7 pm when I finally arrived at Edu Hostel because my flight to Jogja was delayed. I was so tired that the only thing I wanted to do was laying on bed and wrapping myself with warm blanket.

The cheerful atmosphere greeted me as I stepped my feet heading to the front office. The employees were fluent in english and very friendly. They always smiled and answered guests' questions about location, nearest ATM, or even the same question-password for wifi-politely.
Edu Hostel's lobby
Edu prioritizes togetherness so they make a place above front office for playing, chitchat, watching tv, and of course access internet. Yes, internet is only available in the lobby.
Photo Source: Edu Hostel
There is two type of room: single bed shared dorm and 4-bed private dorm. The price for one bed in shared room (there are 6 beds) costs you IDR 80000 and private room for four people costs about IDR 460000.
I personally recommend shared room because it is cheaper especially if you do solo travelling. Besides you can meet strangers whom later you call friends. For me, I always curious about what life is like outside my "home", Indonesia.

This is the shared room and bathroom inside the room. There are two chambers in the bathroom. There is also locker for each person. You can (read: should) bring padlock yourself.

Edu provides breakfast, a traditional, simple, yet still delicious meal. Breakfast is served on rooftop on fifth floor.

Here are some tips staying in hostel:

  • Hostel is shared place so keep your belongings in the safe place
  • Note other people's privacy
  • Keep the place especially bathroom clean. For instance, if you are female and have period during your stay, wrap your pad or wash it first before being disposed. Remember: bathroom is used together
  • Self service. Put your dish at the properly place after being used. There aren't many waiters in hostel to keep the rate low.