Dian Sastro's Happiness Secret

Usually to refreshed my mind without spending money, I watched Youtube videos about "funny dogs compilation" or "guilty dogs" but since my friend asked me to watch Dian Sastro and Lukman Sardi's 7/24, I admired Dian (for hundred times) and then searched about her interview or when she become guest for Just Alvin and etc. 
Sumber: selasar.com
Dian told that her secret to happy life is to be grateful. After wake up, she makes a list of ten things that she has to be thankful to. Before going to bed, she adds ten more things that she thinks she has to be grateful for having them. For instance, she wrote about close relationship with her mom. And after she thanked for it, the relationship got better. It was like there's magic spell in being grateful. So she encouraged Alvin and the audience to do same.

Be grateful for what you have today for some people might dream it for long. And prove that whatever you be grateful for come more abundantly in your life.

So this is my list:
1. I thank God for a group of people I call "komsel" who love and accept me unconditionally, for lined me in my spare time to ask me to play Saboteur and Pet War (hihihi)

2. For Ci Ace to visit me, Hera, Fanni, Crystal, Vionna, and Devina (supposed to be if she did not get stomache aww) in Bandung and her treat as well

3. For a family who live in harmony and love each other

4. For a loving (and busy) boyfriend

5. For potato crisp that I am eating right now (Oh no, cheating again)

6. For Cella who celebrates her birthday today. Cella is my best friend since we're both in Junior High and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by people like her

7. For drinking water for I know in many areas in Indonesia, the issue of lacking clean water to drink has still existed

8. For second life

9. For the will to read bible. I feel better afterward. You know if you admit it (or is it only me?) there is a lot of time when you can't pray or read His words. Hard to explain. You just can't. You lack the motivation of doing so. Maybe because of comfort life that you think you don't have to pray anymore or your sin that hinder you to pondered His commandment

10. For plum lipstick that I just bought. Thank God (and mom ;p)

Make your list now!