Feeding The Stray

I have decided to stop stay still and do something, no matter how little it is. As a student, I haven't been able to rescue or foster stray dogs. All I can do is feeding strays that I meet on the streets or like Carla, tied and had no food and drink even though SHE HAS OWNER. Carla is 5 year old dog (I am not sure about the breed) and she belonged to owner who owns dorms (kos-kosan) at Bukit Indah Street Ciumbuleuit. SHE WAS. After the initial owner refused to take care of her, he gave Carla to men who guard the dorms. But her new owners are not animal lover (from what I conclude after I talked to them). Carla didn't have any food or drink in her cage and worse, she has wound around her eyes. I gave Carla food but she seemed still hungry (since she is big dog) so I went to market and bought dry dogfood weight 500 grams and gave it to Carla. Carla ATE ALL. It means only heaven knows how long since the last time she ate.
Carla drives me to create a move called ‪#‎FeedingTheStrays‬. I urge all of you to join me or do the same wherever you are based now. No matter how small you do, it counts and it helps them a lot. 
Look at those eyes. Surrounded by wound, she looked at me helplessly

That's the only "home" she had. Would you like to foster her?

She ate quickly because she was very hungry