10 Things to Be Grateful For

Hey I come back to make this (DiSast's ritual) my habit. A little review, I saw Dian Sastro on tv and she shared her daily habit to have a happy and abundant life: mention 10 things in the morning after wake up that you SHOULD be grateful for own them and come back mention 10 more at night.

This is my list for today:
1. I thank God for a 7 year-old dog who showed sad face and greeted me goodbye this morning when I had to come back to Bandung.

2. For mom and dad who always love me endlessly

3. For 21st Century Education Conference in Balai Sarbini on Saturday with these awesome speakers:
Prof Barbara Oakley
Source: twitter.com @barbaraoakley 
Adam Khoo
Source: Suryanation.id
Rene Suhardono
Source: twitter.com @ReneCC
I must say that Rene was my favorite and owned the crowd last Saturday (I'll review the conference in my next post bcause it is gonna be so long yet inspiring. Just wait).
4. For came back to Bandung safely

5. Had the chance to eat Baso Enggal

6. No 5 was because William

7. I thank God too for William. Such a sweet and perseverance person. I learnt many things through our discussions (and fights)

8. My passion in writing. Writing always keep me alive

9. Could complete PLI task in less than one hour

10. William came bringing me nasi uduk and sweet potato balls

I urge you to make yours now! Challenge yourself and prove that what you be grateful for will be multiplied and you'll get more abundant life.

Hugs and kisses from Bandung,