To Not Be Greedy

I am more convinced, that there is main lesson that my mom has tried to teach me, it is to be compassionate.
Once on a rainy day, there was an old man trying to sell bananas in the basket. He didn't ride on any vehicles. He took the basket on himself. Because suddenly the weather got bad, he stood under our neighbor's roof but half of his body still got wet because the space is too small. In a sudden, mama called him and asked him to come to our home. She bought all his bananas and gave him water.
Other story was when she brought a sick kitten to the vet. So there was a tiny kitten who always came to our house. Mama used to feed her. People said cats only come to our home when they need food and that they are not as loyal as dogs. This one was different. She greeted mama when she came home from the market. Always ran in rush approaching when she heard mama's foot steps. How lovely. One day, she was paralyzed. We guessee it was because the infection on her eye. We didn't know what cause it and what she had been through. That infection seemed causing too much pain so she only cried. Mama could not see her suffered so she put the kitten in the box, called taxi and brought the kitten to the vet. Unfortunately the closest vet was closed so she brought her to vet in Bintaro. Our house is in Tangerang. Imagine the distance between those places but she insisted to do that, tried to save the little kitten. People in vet said that the poor kitten had to stay so mama went home, hoped for the best.
Bad news. The next day, they called telling mama that the kitten dead. Our car that time was broke so mama and papa rode on motorcycle at 10 pm. Is normal parent do that? I don't think so.

What goes around comes around.
So what does mama get for being so generous?

I remembered about months ago, Ibu Kos called me while I was studying, telling that mama's handphone was stolen and that mama didn't remember my number but she wrote down Ibu Kos's mobile phone number so mama called her by our home number and she was asked to tell me that news. I was so confused and sad, not just for mama but that phone (blackberry) was the first handphone I bought from my loyalty as a writer.
But.... suprisingly, hours later mama called me.... from her mobile phone. What?!
Short story, her phone was left in supermarket and she just realized that long after she went home. So she had been sure that coming back to that place was merely useless but long after that an old lady called our phone number telling that she found mama's handphone and she wanted to give it back.
I found that both strange and unusual because Gabe, my housing friend found that her handphone was stolen by..... our friend who lived under the same roof with us.
But in mama's case, a stranger wanted to give her left handphone. Wow.

I have one last story which happened recently. It was when mama accompanied me to do CGOTY semifinalist interview. In taxi, she spread lotion all over her hands so she took off her ring. It was very precious ring not because it was expensive but mama's grandmother who is my god grandmother (?) gave it to mama so there was no any amout of money which could replace it. Unfortunately, she forgot her ring so when we arrived at Wisma MRA, she just came out. Minutes later after the taxi has dissapeared, she remembered her ring and was sure it has been left in the taxi but.... again miracle happened, that ring was found outside the building.
In our family, we didn't believe in luck. We believe in blessing. I think much blessing and miracles happen to my mama because she is not greedy. She is kind. She never has a thought of taking what is not hers. And that is what I copy from her.