Quarantine To Crowning Night

I have the best days of my life from Dec 10-13. It was the CGOTY's quarantine days till Crowning Night. One of the best days and nights I have ever had.

On Dec 10, we gathered at Aston Simatupang for short briefing and introduction. After that, we went to OQ Modelling in Bintaro. One finalist, Ayang was left by the way. She was late for gathering because of Jakarta traffic.
At OQ, we practiced basic catwalk and how to pose. That was my first time and I love the class. For you who interested in modelling, join OQ Modelling would be very beneficial I think. I myself consider to apply their modelling course on holiday.
We went to Senayan City afterward, visited Keds outlet and given surprise by the manager that each of us could choose a pair of Keds and bring them. Yeay. Our first gift among many. There were Taylor Swift Edition series but unfortunately, there was no my size so I was lucky to bring home these red babe.

We headed to Pizza Express after took photos in front of the store. Fyi, we always had photo session with Cosmogirl's banner when visited sponsors' stores. At Pizza Express, we were taught how to make Pizza. My first cooking class as well. It was hard to shape the dough though we tried our best. The easiest was putting topping on the round-shaped dough that had been spread tomato sauce.
Pizza Created by Me

While waiting for our Pizza to be baked, we had dinner after busy and tiring day. They gave us many foods, like many big-size pizzas, salads, pastas, and dessert sto close the dining. There were also CGOTY alumnis. We talked a lot, the finalists and the alumnis about talent session that would be held the next day, make over, and crowning night. They said that they had good time. I also felt lucky to be part of Cosmogirl's family.

On Dec 11, we were told to wake up early and had breakfast as soon as possible because we had to rush going to Prestige Kemang to get our make over. There, each of us was given a two side picture. On the left was me with my old hairstyle and the right side was my hair model. I like my new hair model because it looked fresh on me. My hair itself needed to be cut because the end-point was dull due to permanent curly that I did last year.
Nissan March, one of the sponsors that participated brought us to Cosmogirl Office in Wisma MRA to do photoshoot session. They asked me to wear black kulot pants with blue blouse. They also used blue eyeshadow above my eyes. At first, I did not like my make up. I always put natural make up and never played with colorful make up before. But turned out, I liked the result. My face looked fresh and it accentuated my face shape.
After that was inverview and talent session. A tip from me: think twice what you want to do in the talent session because I think it's the most important thing during the quarantine. It's not just about show them your ability. It shows what you are. Think more and practice a lot. Make a list of your talents and consider each of them. They also asked you but the questions were very random and different for each of the finalist. Additional tip: answer honestly and be calm because they also evaluated how you speak and choose the diction. Anyway, once again, that's what I think. Nobody really knows how they assess.
After the interview, we had dinner with fashion blogger and entrepreneur, Diana Rikasari. She is the owner of UP shoes. I love the shoes because besides they look very edgy, UP also donates IDR 5000 for education for every pair of shoes sold.

On Dec 12, we went to Olin Workrobe, a boutique which sells clothes with edgy look. We did fitting for clothes we would wear on Crowning Night and got voucher worth IDR 800 000. I spent it for an outer.
We also went to Monstore and got e-voucher worth IDR 500 000 sent to our mail.

On Dec 13 was Crowning Night. I did not win though but I was still very grateful to be top 10 among many applicants.