Transition Phase

I have seen this woman changed a lot for the past few years as I also grew up from child-adolescent-early 20s phase. I had a little memory from my childhood as she was in her 20s and experienced motherhood for the first time as she was having me.

I just wish I could be like mom, full of self-control and has a big heart. She is my role model, to never look down to anything that might be not as powerful as you (i.e. the animals) and people who don't have education as you. I have witnessed how she easily got angry at me and my brother when we were so little and now she is the woman people talked about. I couldn't calculate how many times people approached me and said compliment about my mom. And she is also beautiful and ageless though she never had any particular treatment. I guess it is because what is inside that sparks from within. When you have pretty heart, soul, and mind, you would also look pretty on the outside, automatically.

I just wish I could grow up like mom, having self-control and make my anger so expensive that people can not afford it. I wish I can always smile like her, in every situation and be sincere even in the situation which is not profitable for me.