Independence Day in The Lodge Maribaya and Pal 16 Wisata Hutan Pinus Cikole

What did you do on Independence Day? For me, it started by watching live streaming ceremony in Istana Merdeka (President's Resident) and continued the rest with my boyfriend in The Lodge Maribaya and Pal 16 Wisata Hutan Pinus Cikole.
Before my travel post, there was funny story about my kos-mate, Prisa when she watched the ceremonial. I had mixed feeling about her. She loved Indonesia so much particularly her hometown. Of course I love Indonesia too but her love is deeper. I felt embarassed because I could not mentioned sequentially symbols of Indonesia's principle (Pancasila) while she could. She also very amazed with the new ritual (horse-drawn carriage) and last... she thought that she also needed to do this when Indonesia Raya played...
We arrived at the noon in The Lodge Maribaya. The ticket fee is IDR 35,000 each. I was the one who suggested to go there because of the stunning photos I found on the internet. It is located at Jl. Maribaya Timur Km. 6 Kampung, Kosambi, Cibodas, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391. Seemed that the location was hard to find because using google map, we still lost at the first attempt.

There were many food stalls from meatball, noodles, fishcake, and many other I could not recall everything and we ate meatball. That was for IDR 25,000/portion. That was average I think for travel destination in Lembang. After that, like many visitors, we took photos using nature as the background. It was hard to take good photos because the place was just too crowded (maybe because it was national holiday) and we had to queue. Basically the place was for outbond and camping. You could search the price for that on the internet. For visitors only, besides taking photos and culinary, you could enjoy sky swing and tree sky. I didn't interest for trying both that time (which I regretted) because of the long queue.
In this one, we both looked very naive
We headed to Hutan Pinus afterward. We went to Pal 16 Wisata Hutan Pinus Cikole. The place was not too crowded. It might be because not many people have known that pine forest. The ticket fee was IDR 6,500. For you who wanted to rent the swing that attached to pine trees, you must pay for IDR 10,000. There were food stalls who sold roasted corn, instant noodles, coffee, and any other instant meals. Taking a nap on the swing would be a good idea!

Happy face

Dibuang sayang: Abang-abang lagi ngaso LOL