Older and Prettier: A Story About My Mom

My mom is a bold person. My first and main role model. I learn almost everything from her but the most important lesson she has ever taught me is kindness and compassion. She taught me by making herself an example for her children. Being her daughter taught me to learn from her mistakes and follow her goodwills. She does not follow the society. She dares to be different as long as she does not hurt anybody.

My mom... is not superhero. She is not the CEO of multinational company. Neither the successful entrepreneur. She is not famous. She spends most of her time in our home. But for me, she has done more than anybody I have met even in international scale.

My mom does not use smartphone. She has not any social media accounts. She hardly be able to browse internet. But she is an open minded woman. She wants her children to achieve far more than her. She equipped me with computers when I was in the first grade of elementary school. That time, computer or even laptop was not very popular. Not every house had one. I still remember the first time I touched the computer she bought with my little fingers. I could feel all her hopes for me. My relatives thought that she was lavish by buying computer. But she did not care. She believed that to be successful needed preparation and it had to be done as early as possible. She always believes until now. And she is right.

She only speaks Bahasa Indonesia but she forces her children to master English or even Chinese. She believes that our world is dynamic and we live without border right now. She only knows few basic English words but she made me not only be able to speak in English but also delivered speech in front of people whose native language is English, in an international conference on the environment in China and Asian Women Conference. No, I do not mean to brag my achievements. I just want the world to know that the woman who does not hold any bachelor degree and seemed like ordinary woman in fact is a successful woman, wife, and a mother.

At the airport to the 2013 international conference on the environment in Qingdao, China

Indonesia's representative
Talked in 2015 Asian Women Conference
People said that a daughter is someone who grows up becoming your friend. It is true in our relationship. We like to discuss about women-stuffs like cooking, clothing, and of course skin care and make-up. Her skin is flawless in my eyes (I really want to grow old having that skin) because it is not acne prone and there is not any black spot, too. There is just fine lines on her forehead. She could not have a set of skin cares or many make up products when she was at my age because my grandma was not rich and had eight children to be taken care of so when she has opportunity to take care of herself well, she searches for skin cares that match her skin type and now because she starts to have fine lines, she uses products that revitalize her skin, complete from day cream, night cream, serum, and essence.

Now that she is 45 this year. She is not as on fire and fiery as few years ago. She becomes more calm. One thing that never changes is her kindness and compassion. She once told me, “If you want to know who a person really is, see how he treats animals.” She thought that our really characters are shown by how we treat animals. To be kind to human might be easy but to be kind to those who can not speak and reply our kindness is truly amazing. She feeds stray cats and dogs in our complex and she nurses kittens. Once she even medicated a dog that had been abused and took injured cat to the vet. Once again she taught me by making herself an example.

Now that I study far enough from home, I always miss her. I put her photo on the edge on my study table to remind me to never waste my time and study hard because she put her hopes on me.

At the night when I came back home on holiday, she told me that she wanted to become an opened cage for me. I asked her why. I said that if she wanted to protect me why an opened cage. She answered that she wanted to be a place for me to go home but also wanted me to soar high, to see the world, to take every opportunity, to get anything she could not get when she was at my age.

My mom is a living proof that age is just a number. Growing old does not stop her. 

My mom

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