The Man Who Changed My Life: Iman Usman

Yesterday, there was notification on my phone, from Youtube. It indicated that my comment on Youtube was answered by someone. And I was right.

Here is what I wrote and reply to my comment.

The video is about Iman Usman created by Agung Hapsah. You could watch his video here:
What I wrote on comment section on Agung's channel was not hyperbole. Iman Usman simply has changed my life. It has changed the 17 year-old me. Back in 2011, I applied as one of the participants in Students For Tomorrow, a program made by Indonesian Future Leaders (the organization which Iman was a president at that time). The 17 year-old me that me was tired of the ordinary routine life. It was about going to school-watching tv-going to mall-studying for exam and that's the cycle all about. I needed to change. I needed to feel motivated and so I registered. We had to register as a team so I asked Selvi, Noni, Helmi, and Dittha to participate. It was a struggle for us when we had to go to University of Indonesia, Depok to attend Capacity Building session but we managed it. The second day, we must attend community service in Cilincing. None of us had ever went to North Jakarta before so we got lost. We were in Tanjung Priok port and stucked. We did not know where to head from there. We simply stucked and frustated. Fortunately, project leader of the team, Niwa Rahmad Dwitama (I heard now he is a diplomat) picked us up and drove us to Cilincing.

Let's move back about Iman. What did Iman do?
He created Indonesian Future Leaders so high school students like me could learn about leadership and confident at such a young age. Iman and Niwa at that time also uni students (much younger than me now) but age did not stop them to create Students For Tomorrow.
In the video above, Iman talked, "Jangan banyak alasan..." We may not born in rich family. Some of us might be born and raised from broken family. We live far far away from big city. And list goes on. But one thing I learnt from Iman and Students For Tomorrow:
I could make a difference in my society. Even in a very little scale like teaching 6th grade students and preparing them for national final examination, like I did when I joined as a teacher in FISIP, Unpar program.
Doing community service in Cilincing taught me that helping others make me happy (and that will make you happy too. I swear that). Doing something which aim to improve the quality of life of others. Without hoping return. Without being paid.