DISCLAIMER: This is my personal and appraisal post.

This is Thomas, my friend whom I met approximately 5 years ago in Chemical Engineering.
Maybe kind is such a simple word to describe this incredible person. He is quiet, and a truly good person. He doesn't hate. He might dislike people but he didn't talk bad or said harsh words. He simply is not a person like that.

A funny story was last year I gave him chocolate for graduation gift, don't know why I don't like giving flowers as a graduation gift to people. Maybe because chocolate goes to their tummy while flowers are only for eyes (haha lol). Back to the story, I gave some chocolates to my other friends. But I chose the special one (the one I wanna try for so long but haven't try it due to its price). That time, I felt I still had to buy it because Thomas has helped me to pass chem eng life including lab, and a lot of difficult subjects. He taught me calculus and answered my questions no matter how hard it was to explain them to Line chatting. He most importantly taught me how to learn independently. I felt, we have to give the best to best people. So I bought that chocolate despite that time I myself didn't have much money. I felt happy because he was happy. I felt happy that last year, the peak of his study has finished.

Karma works in its special way.

He came all the way from Jakarta to celebrate my graduation. And he gave me not one, but two chocolates. It is not chocolate that I talk only, it is kindness that always get back to us. Be kind to people, give your best to best people who help you unleash and find yourself. He did that to me. One of my true friends.