Qatar Airways Open Day + Assessment Day

Disclaimer: I only reached arm reach test and I failed. If you searched blog post to know the whole activities on assessment day, this is not for you.

When I was still a little girl, I always admired women who worked as a flight attendant. I believe I was not the only one. However, I did not try as soon as I finished high school because that desire was not strong enough. That time, I still had other consideration so I chose to study in university. In uni, I also did not try applying as cabin crew.

Short story, I just finished my study and searched for a job, a job that could make me happy and does not feel like I am working. Though I applied and accepted in one of paper industry in Indonesia (and now I am still working there), I came to walk in interview of some airlines, both local and international. Not that I did not like my currrent job. I swear it brings so much joy to me. In addition, I am also surrounded by outgoing people. The furthest step I ever experienced was in Qatar Airways. I did not prepare much for it. Honestly, I just prepared all the documents on Friday night after I went home from work. On Saturday morning, I went to Gran Melia to submit my application. As you could see on their website, for open day, you should prepare passport size photo, copy of highest education, copy of passport, and full length photo. Turned out, they did not take my copy of highest education and full length photo so I only submitted the rest. Not only they took the documents, they also asked some questions. For me, the questions were "Have you ever applied Qatar Airways before?", "Why do you want to be cabin crew?", and "What are you doing right now?". After that brief conversation, they made sure the email I wrote on my cv was correct.

At 17.30 on the same day, I received an email invitation to come for assessment day the next day. Most of the applicants on assessment day did not receive email but letter invitation. I did not know the difference.

On second day, I just went through 2 stages of assessment day before my height failed me. Hahaha. Now I just laughed at it. In the venue, that made me sad. I passed the English test. In English test, there were 25 multiple choices and one general theme for essay. The questions was basic english so I thought those who thinks TOEFL is easy must be able to do that. For essay, make sure you practice by reading and writing in english. It does not matter when you make a lot of mistakes as long as the reviewer still could understand your writing. I believe this post has a lot of flaws but I keep writing.

After did english test, we had to wait outside for 45 minutes then afterwards, we entered the same room and they called some numbers to go outside. We did not know what it meant. My number did not get called, turned out those who stayed in the room passed for the next stage.

Next stage was arm reach test which I told earlier that I failed. One of the recruiter said that arm reach test was very important for the safety reason. They also asked us to tell them where our scars, tattoo, and birthmarks. The reason was to identificate in case of accident. Arm reach test was also followed by random questions. I heard from one of the participants who passed arm reach test that they asked her what is failure mean to her. From what I read and my conclusion, they wanted genuine and honest people. The questions were not designed to test how smart or capable you were. Be confident, control your emotion, and answer calmly. That was the advice given by one of the recruiter.

That's a wrap! My first Qatar Airways Recruitment Process which I thought was not so bad at all. On first day, there were approximately 600 applicants, some of them came abroad. But I became one of the 100 who went to the assessment day. I did not regret or feel irritated at all.

Do I want to re try?
Of course I am since not only travelling, I like working with people in hospitality area. But not in the near future since there will not be much progress I make in 3 or 4 months. I keep exercising, eat clean, stay positive, and more importantly trying to reach 212 cm ;p

I hope this post helps whoever dream to be a cabin crew. Anybody can dream. There are people lucky enough be successful in their first or second attempts but from I listened from other applicants, she had one friend who succeeded after 4 yeas trying. Never give up!