Effortlessly Beautiful

What is your favorite girl crush? To me, the answer is always Grace Elizabeth. I admired her classy look, how close she is with her family though her rocketing modelling career, her style, her bone structure, and most of all, her effortlessly charm.
Source: https://le21eme.com/grace-elizabeth-paris-7/
While not so many of us born with height 177 centimeters high and bone structures like her, there are still so many ways we can do to have charm and beauty like Grace.

1. Take care of your skin

Put aside of your set of make ups and buy that pretty high price excellent serum. Your skin regime is a lifetime investment. With the right skin care and food intake to your body, you will have flawless skin. Besides serum, do not forget to exfoliate twice a week. I personally use scrub from Innisfree but you can use any brand that suits you and does not make your skin dry or irritation. Scrubbing is very important because it can purify your skin from dirt and sebum and exfoliate dead skin cell.
Source: http://www.innisfree.com/id/id/product/productView.do?prdSeq=22504&catCd01=UA

Besides choosing the right skin care, please pay attention to things below:
  • Drink 8 litres of water a day
This will keep your skin nourished especially if you exercise and sweat a lot
  • Reduce sugar intake
While it is quite impossible to cut off all of our sugar intake, it is possible to reduce our consumption to only consume sugar from fruits (and chocolate cakes or sweets on your cheat day). Simple carbohydrates like refined sugar, white bread, and soda cause insulin levels to spike and cause "a burst of inflammation". Inflammation cause several skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, and rosacea (redness) [1].

  • Eat veggies and fruits
While consuming fruits seems exciting and drinking fruit juice has been your lifestyle, to consume veggies might sound a bit overwhelming for you. I have some friends who have already said no to anything green as soon as they see them (veggies). The fact is fruits and vegetables supply antioxidants and vitamins that help us protect our skin from free radicals and UV light. It helps you to keep your skin looking younger and more radiant [2].
  • Drink green tea
The first thing to drink after you wake up is a glass of water, of course. So do not try to drink green tea on an empty stomach. The caffeine in it can cause dehydration. Traditional chinese medicine suggests that taking tea on an empty stomach make the lungs and stomach become "very cold". Drinking green tea in meal time can help in weight loss process. But remember that this can only be done if you do not have sensitive stomach [3].

2. Breath and release negative emotion
Staying positive can be very difficult when it seems like all doors are closed and you do not know where to go. But get real, keeping negative vibe inside you do nothing and only absorb your energy. We better use our energy to work on things  and people we love.

3. Practice so hard till your last sweat
I am under 160 centimeters tall and it is impossible for someone at my age (24 year-old) to reach 170 centimeters to look like Grace Elizabeth but it is clearly not impossible to increase 1-2 centimers as I had been told by my trainer and read articles on internet about height when you are still 20s. You can do plank to fix your posture especially if you spend a lot of time sitting and train using pull up pull down instrument to stretch your backbone.

4. Confident yet humble
There is nothing more beautiful than confident woman. When you walk in ease and have control over yourself. Smile, relax, look up but not look down at people, you are at your most beautiful.


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