Feeling Penang in Jakarta

Last Friday until Sunday, I was in Malaysia and seemed that was not enough for me, so yesterday I visited Mama Malaka in Harmoni Exchange to have dinner. As always, everytime I got to eat there, I was reminded of Malaysia particularly Penang even though I have not been in Penang before.

I ordered Kiam Hoo Fried Rice, Ted ordered Mama's Asam Laksa, and we had Mama's Crispy Mushrooms.
No comment for these two, really mouthwatering

It was really crisp and its sambal was certainly too die for
So far, I have never been to Penang before, just saw them through pictures. When I heard the word 'Penang', my mind automatically remembered mural. That was exactly Mama Malaka did on their wall, brought mural ambience while customers having meal in their restaurant.

Posed in front of one of them
This resto was large enough, you can take your whole family to celebrate birthday, chinese new year feast, or any other celebration. I guess your chinese family would love to eat here. Basically all the foods are combination of Chinese and Melayu cuisine or we often call it 'Peranakan'.

The entrance to the restaurant

Beautiful bird cage and mural will accompany you

Even the floor is so pretty and artistic, you can use this for your #SOTD
The billing was as below:
1 Kiam Hoo Fried Rice= IDR 55,000
1 Mama's Asam Laksa= IDR 60,000
1 Mama's Crispy Mushroom= IDR 27,000
2 Hot tea= IDR 20,000

There is service charge for every billing which is 5% and of cource restaurant tax 10%. The average price for appetizer is IDR 25,000 while the main course is IDR 50,000-60,000. There is packet for breakfasting and for breakfast with special price.

This restaurant is fit for:

  • lunch/dinner meeting
  • have a deep talk or serious discussion
  • people who crave for serenity after noisy Jakarta
  • meet old friends
  • work (wifi signal is very strong)
  • people who miss going to Malaysia
  • people who want to do #OOTD (the mural is beautiful)
That is all about one of my favorite restaurant. What is yours?