Suli and Peny: Compassion Between Photography and Animals

I rarely meet people in my everyday life who really take action for those who can not stand for themselves.

Who do you think can not fight back when they are hurt? Who do you think does not have any voice for themselves?


Ever since I looked after Moly and knew many abusive actions happened to domestic animals like cat and dog, I always want to take action or at least contribute no matter how small it is, to animals' welfare. To make stray unwanted animals live better life. And ever since, I always admired people who really take action, more than speaking through statuses or posts on social medias.

Sulikati and Peny Pujiati are two among few who I am blessed be able to speak with to share their story about SPLC (Sadara Pamardi Learning Center). It is a one stop fast learning center focus on photography but in the future, they plan to provide other trainings. Both are photographer and animals activist. So what is the dot connecting two things? Establish a photography training which all funds go to animals shelter. Omah Saskaraꟷthe name of the shelterꟷis funded by registration fee of the participants.

Both people make me believe that humanity still exist, that people are naturally kind, not only to other people, but also to animals who neither can speak nor stand up for themselves. Animals' welfare might sound less serious and urgent rather than social issues like poverty, education, and any other. But the number of people who are touched about this issue is very little. Suli and Peny are two people who want to dedicate their life to take care, to feed, to foster, and to love those who are unwanted.

I am touched and smiled when I chatted Bu Suli to ask about travel photography class and photo hunting. At the end of the conversation, I pointed out the purpose of the class and Bu Suli answered me that we have to give in order to get. Take and give. That is the universal rule. Like energy can not be destroyed, only transform to one state to another, we never lack due to give. On the contrary, we will be blessed by kindness in other forms. I was tingle to ask why they did not take a part for themselves. And I got response that too many animals have been rescued and they need food and medication. Moreover, Bu Suli and Bu Peny have already fed up by what they do for living. I am always mesmerized by people who are not greedy, who know how to feel enough, know that sharing is the only thing that can fulfill this life.

Not only them, I am admired those who share and use their talent for giving. Gusde (wedding photographer based in Bali), Marrysa Tunjung Sari (professional photographer and editor in chief #Linkers Citilink Inflight Magz), Hengki Lee (award winnng visual artist and photographer), and many others volunteer to use their skill in photography to help people like me who passionate in photography and to help... animals.

After resign from my 8 to 5 job, I honestly do not have much saving in my bank account but since I realize that I want to focus writing and making good content, photography is essential so I just signed up. To take big leap is only hard at first. And to know that beside I will learn, I also have donated to rescued animals. That made me happy instantly!

I registered for Travel Photostory Sharing & Walking Class with Marrysa Tunjung Sari on July 21st. It cost me IDR 500,000. The class and hunting will start at 09.00 until 15.00. 6 hours learn with the expert, a good deal, isn't it?

You can find information about photography classes with various topics here.