Workout in A Five-Star Facility Gym

Do you sport junkie? Ever since I got a lot of benefits from working out regularly like weight loss and lean muscle, gym is my favorite place to go, to drain excess energy, to distract myself from anger, worry, feeling sad, or any other negative energy. There I can join classes like Zumba, Shbam, Body Combat, Yoga, and many others. I myself am registered in Jatomi Fitness Tangerang City (read my experience here). But last Sunday, I got to try Fitness First with my boyfriend who have already become member there.

Is the facility worth the money?

First of all, I just knew that there are two kinds of memberships in Fitness First. First is Fitness First Single Club and second is Fitness First Platinum. Teddy signed up for platinum which enables him to access all Fitness First clubs in Asia. When he joined (early on May 2018), the cost for Single Club was IDR 600++ and for Platinum was IDR 700++. You must ask the marketing for the price and promotion.

Benefit for Platinum membership?

  • More various beverages available
  • Got a pair of sport attire for every visit (you must return after work out)
  • Access to all clubs in Asia

How about workout instruments?

The equipments are more completed compared to my gym and other gyms which I had already trialed in the past. There were some equipments that I like and would like to see and use in my own gym, but there were some that I considered as not useful enough.

Like a tunnel with a lot of many option of instruments available

RPM class
On going class

What is the highlight of this gym???

The changing room! Compared to Jatomi and other gyms that I had ever visited, Fitness First's changing room is uber cool. I love being there and spent almost 2 hours. The lighting, floor, and layout made everybody wanted to stay longer. In short, the ambience was very luxurious. Below some shoots I managed to take. I could not shoot thoroughly because of privacy of other people considering this changing room is a shared place.

Like-a-hotel facility shower room

Clean and dry, you don't need to be afraid of germs. Tissue always available too

Though I tried my best to depict Fitness First Club through pictures and words on this post, there was still anything left undescribed due to other people' privacy and comfort. I think you better try this club yourself if you want to jump to be a healthy junkie, or if you start to aware to look after your mind and body better. There are 11 clubs available in Indonesia and 97 classes including freestyle group training. 

Besides changing room, Fitness First also has an app which can be downloable via Playstore and Apple Store which is very useful! Name of the app is CustomFit by Fitness First. In this app, you can set your fitness goal, track your body weight and calories you burn by workout and step activity, and see class timeable. If you just have plenty of time and can not make it to the gym, browse exercises to workout at home. Open for challenges? then browse 'challenges' section. You can find exercises like push up, burpee, run 500m, run 1k, and many others. Start challenge and see how your result is compared to other's.

Ready to transform your body and be better both physically and mentally? Fitness First may be your option. If you are still undecisive, then take your ass off and visit nearest Fitness First in your place and start the trial. Your body transformation starts from you!