What Social Medias Can Do

Other days, I felt so confused because I tried too hard finding good words for my writing. Until slowly I understand, a post is supposed to be summarize of what I experience daily; what I read, hear, and my conversation with office mate, or even ojeg driver.

Today, I want to share interesting piece of what I read this morning. My boss told us to read one or two articles about business/digital media/advertising. I realize that by disciple myself to read, there is always few things that I can takeover everyday. Today's reading is about social media Linkedin and how we use it effectively based on Linkedin 2018 Power Profiles figures in Singapore. You can read full article here at The Drum. But let me tell you what attracts me most of this article.

Earlier, Kabeer Chaudhary, managing partner for Asia Pacific at M&C Saatchi Perforamance and Simon Kemp, founder and chief executive officer at Kepios were introduced. As I continue reading, Chaudhary told that when he just completed MBA from NTU, he messaged Kemp on Linkedin, asking for opportunity. Kemp answered that at that time, he did not need new employee but he invited Chaudhary to social night thing at We Are Social.

"Hey, we're not looking for anyone, but why don't you come. We have this social night thing at We Are Social, come out and have drinks with us. We will talk, and you will learn about the industry,” recalls Chaudhary."

Even though my experience is not all good about approaching people on Linkedin, I met some good people who are "influencer" on Linkedin, have many followers, run big company, and above all they were still willing to help polish my CV, answered my question, and finally indirectly helped me to land on my dream job.

Kemp also added that he got message from a lady in South Africa, asking tips to open her agency and they ended up having nice conversation.

"while it is nice to get a thousand likes on a post, when somebody connects with you, you get that human benefit back. “That is where you are going to say 'that is what I do this for'.""

I remember the days when I rushly made content on my blog and sometimes on my Youtube because I wanted to make money. I created for the sake of money. I didn't think anything to create something that engaging with people. When I re-read my post, I did not enjoy reading it because it didn't seem natural. In contrary, when I shared my exciting experience like having introduced to Hurom Slow Juicer for the first time, I made video about its function, specifications, and how it was different with blender. The quality of the video was low. I did not pay much attention to lighting and the movement of shaking camera was clear. But the most important thing was I made content about thing I truly interested in and had advantage for me, and viewers were all positive. They asked few questions about it. When I share for the sake of people and not me, the content engages with them.

Write when the words are on the edge of your lips. Make content when it makes you think "God, I have to share this with people." Write real things, write your feeling and thoughts down. If you haven't any, speak to people. Dare yourself to approach people on Linkedin asking advice for your career, for instance. Or simply tell them how you admire their presentation. Say hi to people on Twitter, compliment somebody else's drawing on Instagram. Make use of your social medias.